Natural Candida Remedy

Candida can cause serious damage to the body and need to be treated quickly. Candida remedy is best if it addresses the cause of the yeast infections without medications.

Prescription medicines are not recommended since they are potentially toxic, can damage the liver, and have side effects, especially when combined with other prescription medications. The natural approach is best since it addresses the cause of candidiasis (yeast infection syndrome) without any negative side effects.

Candida overgrowth doesn't have to be a life sentence of endless doctor visits and costly prescriptions that only hide the symptoms and do not address the cause.

Potential Causes of Candidiasis

The cause of all disease is usually a combination of many factors.
Here is a sample list that may contribute to Candida.

Use of oral contraceptives, steroids, antacids, anti-ulcer medications, or frequent or long-term use of antibiotics.

Bad Diet; high sugar and processed foods

Weak immune system

Toxin exposure and toxin build up in the body

Chronic stress

Some Natural Candida Remedies

Healthy Diet
Change Diet to a low or no sugar high fiber diet.Have a good number of servings of bananas, yogurt, and garlic.
These foods have been found to have lots of anti-fungal properties and if part of your regular diet, the chances of avoiding candidiasis are great. Protein foods such as chicken, turkey, some nuts, and non-starchy organic vegetables are good. Also, use a probiotic that contain acidophillus, lactobacillus, bifidus,and fiber to build back up the good bacteria missing in your body.

Drink plenty of alkaline water to keep the body cool and to flush out toxins (including those produced by the candida fungus) out of your body.

Limit exposure to toxins, toxic cleaning supplies, junk food, alcohol and smoking.

Best Candida Remedy:Candidol™
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