The Cause of a Weak Immune System

A weak immune system is a major reason why people get sick. If we would eliminate the causes that suppress our healthy immune system, we would increase the possibility of not getting sick.

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What are some causes of a weak Immune System?

Most people today have excess accumulation of toxins and waste material in their bodies causing their body to be acidic and adding stress to their immune system function. The two main reasons for this is
1) People are putting hugh amounts of toxins (mostly unknowingly) in their bodies on a regular basis and
2) their elimination channels are clogged, slow or sluggish.

Our bodies in normal function, produce toxins. This is fine, as long as our body's ability to eliminate these toxins is operating normally. All toxins created by the body or put into the body must be eliminated in order for us to be healthy. Our bodies normally eliminate toxins through the kidneys, liver, stomach, small intestines, and the skin (perspiration).

When toxins are allowed to accumulate, they cause the immune system to be suppressed, and the body becomes acidic. Accumulated toxins that have not been flushed out or eliminated allow the body to create an environment where illness and disease can flourish.
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Nutritional Deficiency weakens the immune system
When your body lacks nutrition, you will have a weak immune system.
Since our bodies can not produce nutrients needed for optimal health, quality food plays a major factor in keeping our cells healthy and our immune system strong. Food not only provides energy to your body, but all the nutrients that are essential for a healthy immune system.
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Health Supplements
Supplements are needed since much of our foods are deficient of the nutrients necessary to maintain optimum health. There are many nutrients needed in order to maintain a strong immune system. It is very challenging in the world we live in to obtain sufficient nutrition with the foods available to us. They are over processed and void of many essential nutrients. Additionally, food is grown in soils that have been over-planted and saturated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Vitamin and mineral deficiency subjects us to more diseases, aging, sickness, and a weak immune system.

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Dehydration causes a weak immune system
Dehydration means the cells just simply do not have enough fluid. Dehydration cause medical problems including pain, arthritis, asthma, and allergies, among other medical issues. It can affect your energy and your sleep, and the ability to get toxins/waste material out of the body.

Water is essential for all living things and keeps our immune system operating optimally while improving the way we feel, look and live. Without sufficient amounts of water, you may experience routine fatigue, dry skin, headaches, constipation, and a decrease normal bodily function which may lead to your body unable to fight off diseases. Without water we would literally dehydrate which could result in the shutting down of vital organs and ultimately end in death.
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Inactivity weakens your immune system
Lack of regular, moderate exercise appears to slow down cleansing the body of certain toxins and waste products thus giving you a weak immune system.

An increase in blood flow associated with moderate exercise helps to circulate antibodies along with white blood cells necessary to fight infection more quickly. As a result, this provides our bodies with an early warning system to ward off potentially damaging germs. In addition, the increase in body temperature as a result of physical activity may aid in inhibiting the growth of bacteria; thus allowing the body to fight infection more effectively.

Obesity can lead to a weak immune system. It can affect the ability of white blood cells to multiply, produce antibodies, and rush to the site of an infection. Finally, intense or extreme exercise may also weaken immune system functions.
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Prescription and non-prescription drugs are major toxins that many put into their bodies. Medications may suppress the current symptoms, but rarely take care of the cause of the problems and often produce side affects (different symptoms) The use of antibiotics and cold and fever fighting medications weakens your immune system.

Improper dealings with stress
Unfortunately, stress is common place in many peoples lives and responding wrongly to chronic (long term) stress will suppress your immune system function. Biblically responding to common stresses of life can help both our physical and spiritual health. Jesus Christ handled stressful situations with the Truth of God's Word. (Matt.4:1-11)
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Sugar and allergens weakens the immune system
Just a small amount of sugar has been proven to impair white blood cells up to 50% for very short periods of time. By discovering what our personal food allergies are, then eliminating or desensitizing them will help strengthen your immune system. By removing these triggers, our immune cells are strengthened in order to combat other invaders such as influenza rather than the allergen. Eating or drinking 100 grams (8 tbsp.) of sugar, the equivalent of one 12-ounce can of soda, can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by forty percent. The immune-suppressing effect of sugar starts less than thirty minutes after ingestion and may last for five hours. The elimination of sugar from your diet will strengthen the immune system.
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Inadequate Personal Hygiene Care weakens the immune system
Increasing your bodies exposure to more germs, may stress the body beyond what it could handle, thus leading to a weak immune system. It may sounds simple but maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene care is one of the most effective ways of avoiding infection and keep your immune system strong. The biblical record clearly indicates that diseases are communicable and that the best protection against them is to prevent their spread. By washing your hands, you can limit the risk of "catching an infectious disease "
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Excess alcohol produce a weak immune system
Excessive alcohol intake can harm the body's immune system in two ways. First, it produces an overall nutritional deficiency, depriving the body of valuable immune- boosting nutrients. Second, alcohol, like sugar, consumed in excess can reduce the ability of white cells to kill germs. High doses of alcohol suppress the ability of the white blood cells to multiply, inhibit the action of killer white cells on cancer cells, and lessen the ability of macrophages to produce tumor necrosis factors. One drink (the equivalent of 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1 ounces of hard liquor) does not appear to bother the immune system, but three or more drinks do. Damage to the immune system increases in proportion to the quantity of alcohol consumed. Amounts of alcohol that are enough to cause intoxication are also enough to suppress immunity.

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